How gio_motion designed and built his own keyboard

December 30 2018

recovering a non writable, external hard drive

December 27 2018

installed nvidia drivers; CPU temerature visualizer; jekyll title error

December 26 2018

remounting disk; rubics cube software; git branches;

December 05 2018

boot via external SSD; Pi SSH

December 04 2018

Xmodmap; python and Pi

December 03 2018

google drive in nautilus; Python and Pi blink LED

December 02 2018

scratch on Pi

December 01 2018

Pi Setup, Pi Calender, nvidia driver problems

some Podcasts

Podcats sorted in categories with links

bash alias in rofi

define bash aliases and run them from rofi

random desktop wallpaper

we combine a reddit wallpaper fetcher with i3wm in ubuntu